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Lags, friezes, I can not enter

Attention! Provide the support staff with complete information, do all of the steps described in this article.
First, check the availability of the server.
Go to the Start menu and type in the search box the combination of the command prompt. Press Enter. In the window that opens, enter a combination of telnet auth.lineageclassic.ru 2106 (C4), telnet authil.lineageclassic.ru 2106 (Interlude), and press Enter After this command, a window with the title telnet auth.lineageclassic.ru or telnet authil.lineageclassic.ru, or a message that the server on this port is not available will open.
Make tracing to the ip address (C4), (Interlude). Open the command prompt and type the command "pathping" if you play C4 server or "pathping" if you play Interlude server, without the quotation marks, the results provide to support services.
Make tracing to the ip address (C4) (Interlude) and attach a screenshot to your message. Also specify the time. For tracing use the program WinMTR (installation is not required). Sending at least 1000 packets. If you are unable to make tracing using WinMTR, use PingPlotter. Sending at least 1000 packets. Send the received data in the request.
Question: I can't login the game or going through the login fails, before I could login.
Answer: If your connection is via a router, disconnect it and connect the cable directly to the computer.
Question: I update the client, but when I enter the login and password client does not respond.
Answer: The Game Client is not updated. This problem generally occurs when anti-virus for some reason thinks that l2.exe or related files are viruses. Solution: turn off anti-virus and firewall windows or add l2.exe and a folder with a game into anti-virus exceptions.
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