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General provisions

Server Administration reminds you that administrators and GMs neither in the game space, nor on the forum nor anywhere else, never ask you for a password of your account.If during a game somebody writes to you, pretending to be a representative of the administration, and requires access to your account -it is a fraud. Please immediately report such cases to the administration of the project through the form of request to your support! 
login, password and e-mail and its password  should be different and differ from the names of the characters on your account.Never use the date of birth, your famous nicknames , telephone number and other personal information, to find out which is easy, as a password. 
Use reliable postal services, for example: gmail.com, yandex.ru
Mechanics of account hacking:
The attacker steals a database, for example, of any forum, recovers passwords of accounts (as it also happens that the passwords are stored in plain text!). So he gets a bunch of mail - a password and begins to check the validity of these bunch through the mail server. And because people use the same password for email and hacked forum, it becomes an easy for the attacker to hack their mail. Also many people have mail names almost identical to the name of the account. For example, sergey1901@mail.ru, and game account sergey1901. This also allows an attacker to check game servers for the validity of the bunch account-password!
We can still resist this situation, significantly reducing the speed of such inspections, as check of the hacker usually goes through a very long list. But in case of mail only you can  help yourself !
By following simple safety rules account the probability of breaking is reduced to zero!
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