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How can I make a donation

All manipulations with the donation are provided by the service nextpay.ru. Administration LineageClassic is not directly involved in the donation.

All that you can buy for the donations is represented in the game store servers. We are not engaged in "shadow" donating. Please do not contact the support with such proposals. In addition, the server rules prohibit the sale of game players for real currency. If you are offered to buy / sell something for real money, you should report it to the administration.
To make a donation enter the control panel and select the server. Column "Balance" shows the current balance of your account. Click on the "Make donations". In the form "amount" fill in the desired amount of the donation and follow the prompts of the payment system. After all the system will redirect you to the main page of your control panel.
Payment methods:  
- WebMoney 
- Yandex Money  
- Visa / Mastercard  
- Mobile Payment  
- Ukraine Terminals  
Problems that you may have during the payment:
If you have problems with donation, contact administration through support service. 
Question: I made the payment, money were removed from the account, but the money is not in the balance. 
Answer: In most cases, the problem is from your operator, this is due to the fact that their servers are overwhelmed and just do not have time to handle incoming requests. For starters we recommend you to contact your operator and find out was whether the payment.
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