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How to Get Pinter's Bill?

All that you can buy for donations, is presented in the game store servers. We are not engaged in shady or given. Please do not contact the support for such proposals. In addition, the rules of the server prohibits the sale of game players for real currency values. If you are offered something to buy/sell for real money, you should report it to the administration.
 Pinter's Bill purchased in the store, which is located in a control panel. Cost per  Pinter's Bill - 50 rub.
1. When enrolling item to the game, a character must be out of the game.
2. When enrolling item to the game, the character should not be able to offline trading.
3. Administration does not return donations that are not enrolled in the technical character of work (the news published on the website, the forum at least 2 hours before the start)
To get the item in the game, in the "Account Balance", click on "Enter shop".
Select the number of items that you want to enroll in a game on your character (items credited only character who is on the current account).
After selecting a product in the store, enter the name of the character and press "buy".
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